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Generatie Einstein (Dutch)

Generatie Einstein’ (the Einstein Generation) by Jeroen Boschma and Inez Groen describes a new generation in the Netherlands: the generation born after 1988, for whom Internet is just as normal as TV and radio. Although many people see this generation as shallow, lazy and egocentric, this generation in reality is smarter, faster and more social than any generation before them. From my perspective, this generation today shows what the older generations will do in the future. I didn’t gain many new insights from this book, but I did mark down that nowadays, 80% of the parents use some form of home education. However, for people who haven’t studied this generation yet, and who are less informed about developments in media, marketing or brands and/or more traditional titles, I think this book will mean a true culture shock. It is fun to read, and it is easy to take. Not surprisingly, this book won the PIM Marketing Literature Award in the Netherlands in 2006!

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