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Brand: Mrmovie

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MrMovie now also in Skype

Dutch film specialist MrMovie can now also be reached through Skype. If you add mrmovie.nl as a Skype buddy, you can directly ask questions about TV, movies or cinemas. Brands start dialogues through all media. A dialogue is a dialogue. In the future we can ask a spoken question through our mobile phone, 1 second later get an overview of facts about a movie on a bigger display, and finally get a preview on a third screen. Everything is interconnected. And MrMovie is just the assistant, available for us any time and anywhere. He doesn't care what display we want to use. This is a small step in that direction.

MrMovie now also on mobile phone

Entertainment and movie brand MrMovie is now available through the mobile phone (mc, Dutch). He or she who wants to see the latest film news, see listings or find upcoming movies, can visit MrMovie's mobile pages. If in the future everybody has Messenger on their phones, we automatically connect to MrMovie's chat bot from the restaurant we're at, find what top movie they show in the neighboring cinema, and reserve directly. Then we finish our espresso and walk to the cinema. This is a small step in that direction.

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