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Apart from being a futurologist, trend watcher and author, I am a consumer as well. Just like everybody, I am disturbed by imperfections in new technologies. Or pleasantly surprised by the joy existing technology can bring. Or I change my way of communicating with other people, with authorities, with brands. Enough to write about!

Future of Health: Your Health

Between 2005 and 2011 I've presented my vision on the future during seminars, conferences and conventions. During these days I got many questions like: 'Erwin, will we be like like CyBorgs? Half human, half robot? Will our organs be printed? Do we learn by knowledge 'beaming' in our brains rather than learning from life, from a teacher or from each other? What we will be the role of teleportation in society? What do you think about personalised medicine?.

The assumption beyond this questions was that the trend of us getting older combined with the trend that we would be get ill earlier in life. That the horrifying health numbers of today would even get worse. That 1 out of 2 would get cancer. That the costs of diabetes in 2050 will be higher than all other diseases together. That autism will be the new standard for our children. They assumed that we won't learn from what goes wrong in our society. That our smartest scientists won't be able to put their fingers on the essence of human health.

During answering those questions I noticed that it is actually quite difficult for me to explain my vision in just a few minutes, that I think the selfhealing ability of humans is so strong that I expect that we'll find a universal accepted methodology for people that keep themselves vital and that we'll create a society that stimulates people to do so. That combination is absolutely essential for a 100% healthy world.

In 2017 I will release my new book on the future of health which will be focussed primary on the individual reader. In the upcoming period, people will take back responsibility for their health, and will integrate recovery and maintenance of their mental, emotional and physical health in their lives. We'll use the next decennia to integrate our own insight and experiences in a new health system, supported by the latest universal and yet scientific insight.

Over the past months I have been working on the outline of the book, researching by interviews, by sharing and by reading a lot from different angles, and obviously by writing the first chapters. Although I love it, I won't be finished the coming months. To be continued! grin . Life has just begun.

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USB Stick in Wodka bottle?

This week I received a box in the mail. Neatly on company name, without a sender and still with a bottle of wodka from the to me (still) unknown company Oberoff. You can't even find a link for this Lithuanian brand. Neatly wrapped in sturdy cardboard, but without accompanying letter. Special. It becomes even more special now that there turns out to be a USB stick at the bottom of the bottle. It's currently drying. I'm curious what I'll find on that... That's a very unconventional way to advertise your product. grin

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