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Three Mega Trends

There are exactly three megatrends that determine the future of the world. An oil crisis, a financial crisis, terrorism, global warming and epidemics are far of less importance than these. In the long term these developments will shift to the history books while in the meantime, people’s behaviour has changed fundamentally thanks to the MegaTrends. 

Technologies like nanotechnology too, however spectacular they may be, haven’t nearly the same the influence on people’s behaviours, and with it society, as these trends:

1. MediaCompletion: the creation of a virtual world which forms a layer around the physical world. This trend has been coming since electricity was discovered and will flourish in the coming decade.
2. Roboworld : in the period from 2020 onwards robots will slowly emerge from the gadgetsphere and humanoid robots will be a normal sight on the streets.
3. Pamper Planet: in the period from 2035 onwards ‘work’ will be given a completely different meaning and we can enjoy all aspects of human existence. We’ll first have to dare to relinquish control, but then it’ll appear like we’re returning to our carefree childhood.

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