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Biodanza Transformational Classes Amsterdam

Biodanza @Your Future Is Now! Dance Your Way into the future!

A personal development program revealing your inner potential based on the scientific movement method Biodanza. Every Tuesday evening in Amsterdam, every first Tuesday open to new people!

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a transformational movement system for like-minded people who are determined to take back leadership on their own life in a progressive yet incredibly effective way. It has joy, pleasure and vitality as its core values. It is fun! The effectiveness and its positive vibe attracts hundreds of thousands people all over the globe in over 54 countries! It is not only a movement system, it is getting a movement on its own! grin

Biodanza Zaal Amsterdam

Scientific Approach

The success of the system can be explained from an academic perspective. Although it might be hard to reveal the secret to living your full potential in a scientific way, cultural anthropologist Rolando Toro did an attempt in 1960s of the last century by studying all cultures, including ancient tribes, through all times, in their approaches. Based on this research he developed his beautiful system over decades with thousands of facilitators who shared his passion. Even though he passed away a few years ago, the methodology is still evolving with new scientific insights coming to light.

What will we do on these Tuesday evenings?

Biodanza is based on movement!! For the largest part of the evening you’ll find yourself dancing to carefully selected music. You’ll be tapping into your own powerful and vital instincts which will help you to (re)discover your own inner leadership! In small guided exercises that represent ordinary everyday situations, you’ll learn about the inner wisdom of your body. Sometimes you’ll dance all by yourself, and regularly you’ll find yourself dancing in couples, small groups or with the whole group. As the group becomes more experienced, we’ll let go of the guiding and you be surprised what your body will be capable of!

We have a few rules: We don’t talk- no chit-chat. No coffee, no alcohol, just water and tea will do the job. We dance and move on our bare feet. 

Personal development

In Biodanza you’ll gradually ‘learn’ the principles normally covered in leadership trainings such as:

Themes to be covered in 2018/2019

In 2018 and 2019, some of our classes might be given by international guest teachers. We’ll inform you during the course.

General structure

19:30 Doors Open. Take off your shoes!
19:45 Theory, background to the theme
20:00 Sharing our experiences in relation to the theme
20:15 Vivencia: our inner journey on music
21:30 Tea and fruits
22:15 End

How will it be for me? When will I get results?

It’s hard to say, it’s very personal. Biodanza is designed as a soft, gentle yet very effective and sustainable way to reach your goals. Simply make sure you show up every week, this has proven to be the best practice to get the maximum out of the series over the course of time. Will you encounter emotions during the classes? Yes, you will! Will you encounter resistance on coming at all? Definitely! Will you criticise the facilitator or your group members? Most likely, you will do once in a while. It’s normal; you’re human. AND: Will you smile at the end of each Tuesday evening? No guarantees of course, but yes, most of the time, you will! Biodanza is all about opening to joy and pleasure. Will you get results? Yes, you will. This is not just a dance, it is science, it works.

What do I need to wear?

Most of the evening, we’ll be dancing. Not as a workout, but yes, we’ll move around the floor on bare feet. Bring clothes that allow you to stretch, without sharp or pressing buttons, and sometimes a few layers might help to regulate your temperature. Shoes and socks are not necessary because they are not allowed on the dance floor grin.

Avoid excessive deodorants, perfumes or essential oils as our noses will become very sensitive during some of our exercises.

The location

We’ve found this terrific location at HW10, a creative space in Amsterdam perfectly suited for our movement classes. You’ll discover why!
The address:
Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10
1065 AS Amsterdam

No parking fees apply after 19:00, pretty cool in Amsterdam grin


We offer a subscription for the classes for 99 euro per month including VAT and payment through automated deposit. You’ll receive an invoice on request for your administration. You have the option to stop your subscription before the end of every month through any written medium (sms, e-mail etcetera), without notice period, but with a reason why you have stopped (anything can happen, we just want to know).

First year offer (Sept 2018 - June 2019): 60 euro per month!

Bi-monthly growth surveys to monitor your progress and optional personal reflection calls are included.

Your biodanza group as of 2018

We’ll start in September 2018 with four open classes. This implies that anyone with an interest in personal transformation can join to take a sneak peek and get an introduction of the program.

After that, we’ll be deepening progressively on themes every week per month with your own group. Therefore, we’ll be accepting only new participants every first Tuesday of the month. You’re required to report absence upfront and your absence will be shared with the group. The group size is limited to 25 persons.

The class language will be English.

How can I participate?

Please complete this registration form to signup. Once you’ve registered and your registration is confirmed, you’ll receive a link to a ‘growth assessment’. In a telephone call we’ll clarify any open endings and you’re good to go!

About Erwin van Lun: a futurist in Biodanza?

During the last 15 years, I shared my future vision with businesses all around the globe. Although their hearts & minds were sometimes deeply touched or greatly inspired, it appeared that the necessary change in behavior that would really affect their businesses, their teams and personal lives was much much harder to achieve. Something was missing.. What held them back? I organized workshops, coaching sessions and talked, talked and talked but I couldn’t find the best way to help people to crack the code of their stubborn patterns for once and forever. Until 2015.

The key to this challenge was much closer than I expected. The dance classes I had already been taking for few years actually offered a beautiful opportunity to grow from within, to tap into a kind of ‘inner wisdom’ that had always been there. With a focus on transformation, Biodanza allowed any person determined to change their lives to discover their inner potential and shape the life of their dreams. Wow! I took the opportunity, immersed myself into a four year training and here I am! Reborn. And so grateful to share this beautiful opportunity with anyone who has made the THE decision. Think about it: What is the best time for change?

Your Future Is Now!

There is an opportunity to change your life with a joyful yet effective way. Wanna join the ride? Signup today.

Biodanza Amsterdam Ibiza

Clients about Erwins workshops:

William Kuijpers

It was an excellent workshop, organised in a creative way. My colleagues were very enthousiastic.