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Intelligent robot cleans house with GPS-like navigation system

The Robot Company designed the first robot mop with a GPS-like navigation system. The 8 cm tall and 25cm long robot called Dirt Devil "EVO" wipes wood, vinyl, laminate and stone surfaces. He has built in a GPS module with infrared controls. These sensors enable the robot to determine what surface it is crossing, what is the shape of the surface and how to navigate in space. Due to such a precise positioning, while turning around EVO sticks to its trace and don't leaves uncleaned surface.

EVO not only cleans large and simple surfaces, but also places difficult to reach: under furniture edges, in the corners of the walls, behind wardrobes. If EVO detects an obstacle (such as legs of the table), it cleans up around the obstacle, and then continues cleaning the rest of the surface. On the bottom of the mop robot there is a magnetic strip where microfiber cloth is placed. With this microfiber cloth EVO is able to clean all delicate surfaces. Therefore it can be a good alternative to conventional wet cleaning robots, which can scratch surfaces with their rotating brushes or attack them with chemical cleaners.

This cleaning robot was presented during the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances IFA 2010 in Berlin.

Robot that autonomously manages your lawn & garden

Friendly Robotics introduced new lawn mower Robomow RM400. The robot is designed for domestic lawns of any shape and inclination. It is powered by two powerful battery that uses its electric motor. Therefore it is very quiet and is environmentally friendly - no petrol, oil or gas required. Before discharging, Robomow automatically moves to replenish energy over a charging station. Depending on the programming, he mows the next day - or at any other time, just continue.

The bumpers are equipped with sensors that detect raise of the mower, trees and obstacles. Therefore it can mow small areas along around on walls and fences, flowerbeds and around shrubs. See on the following movie how this automatic lawn mower saves you time and effort.