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The Rebranded Future in Karachi

On May 29th, I will facilitate a full day workshop on the future of branding for the Pakistan Advertising Society (PAS) in the Marriott Hotel, Karachi. The Rebranded Future

It will be quite exciting. During this session titled The Rebranded Future, we will really go in depth. I love that!

This is what we'll cover:

  • Brand dialogue and the rise of brand agents. Much more information is avaiable on my website dedicated to this topics,

  • The brand coming out: the process in which brands will considers themselves as communities covering users and producers, instead of a company vs a consumer

  • coaching brands: the strongest brands of the 21th, stronger than any other brands we've ever seen.

  • letting go of the past: this is actually vital. Without getting rid of our ideas of 'how to build a brand' (according to US gurus from the seventies) we will never be able to build strong futureproof brands

  • brand psychology: without a true understanding on how our brain, and the brains of future generations, will treat brands, we'll never be able to get an understanding on how future brands will look like.

We'll have a look at the new role of brands in future society.

And most important of all: how to create futureproof brands today?

Look forward to this session! If you have the opportunity to travel to Karachi, be there!