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I’m back

It's Saturday Night, 2am. Just back from a wonderful night of dancing. For some kind of reason I ended up on my website and I realized that I did not write on this website for over a year. No trends, no observations, like nothing has happened.

But the world changed, many innovations have been introduced that exactly fit my 2015, 2020, and 2030 predictions. I've worked REALLY hard on, my worldwide online community portal on artificial intelligent virtual humans, in line with the brand agent trend which I've written about many times over here. I believe those virtual humans will soon become vital in society of tomorrow. It's a matter where you're open to see them and acknowledge their presence. They are already everywhere, and they won't go.

Also, my personally has changed, getting deeper into my essence, finally discovering who I really am. This will eventually affect my personal branding strategy although I still love my colors and styling. But some reconsiderations become necessary.

I have decided to continue to write on my website, but I'll change the style a bit, better fitting with my personality today. It will definitely become more personal and I no longer will avoid emotion. They are there and I'm open to share them with you.

I won't have the English checked, it takes away all my spontaneous intentions, but I'll assume you understand it anyway. Over time my Engish will improve.

Also, I'll check how to integrate social media further, without having me to go to different websites all the time.

On Dec 10th, I'll fly from Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia and I'll stay there for 3 months. I'll probably fly back over India, although my schedule might change over time.

To be continued....