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Retailers & Social Media

In this 4 page article (1, 2, 3, 4, 4x3MB in pdf) for FoodMagazine I'm outlining what retailers can do to anticipate the social media trend.

Key is that they will integrate their customer loyalty cards with Facebook. This will allow them to recommend what friends of consumer advice them to buy. It will change the landscape of retail forever.....

Related trends

KLM introduces price differation for loyal customers

KLM recently announced that it will be changing its baggage policy for European flights. For tickets booked as from 22 April 2013, check-in baggage will be a paid option for all passengers travelling in Economy Class. An exception to this rule has been made for our valued Flying Blue Ivory members (like me).

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

The end of the 4P (or 5P) marketing mix of Kotler in near . It was introduced when we started to think seriously about combining new mass production manufacturing technique with mass communication.

Now, everything will be customised to the individual customer, and ‘personal pricing’ is part of the game. Soon, we won’t be able to purchase any product without getting a personal price. Yes, also in the supermarkets around the corner.