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Motion Magnification: Computers Revealing Invisible Motion in Video

Last summer, a research group of MIT scientists debuted a new video amplification algorithm that exaggerates slight changes in movement or color, like a magnifying glass for moving images. Since then, they've made the open-source code available and started allowing anyone to upload videos and see the effect for themselves. The New York Times got inside the lab to see what they project is doing in this video.

Read their full paper including the source-code here.

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

Computers will be able to understand human behavior in a better way than we do. They’ll sence any small motion, any small change in our behaviour. They’ll use the lessons learned in physiognomics. They will be the best possible communication partners, and applied as brand agents, virtual characters representing brands with these motion magnifying capabilities, it will revolutionize the world of marketing communication.

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