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My very first Crowd Funding Campagn

As many of you know, I am a strong believer of Crowd Funding, the new, non-anonymous way, to back entrepreneurs, ideas and concepts.

First checkout the campaign for laughter yoga teacher on crowd funding platform Wayv:. (It's in Dutch btw although the navigation is in English).

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

Crowd Funding will replace the anonymous stock-exchange listings. Nowadays, we still have anonymous share-holders for historical reasons. Did you know that listed corporations don’t have access to their actual shareholders?? They simply don’t know who are actually owning the company ... they even can’t send them an email .. It is because shares where issued on paper centuries ago.

As a result, companies can do whatever they want, only focused on profit,  because this old lack of the technology in the past to track down shareholders.
Due to historical decisions, the influence of corporations is far larger than many countries in the world, while at the same time being owned by anonymous shareholders who are primarily interested in money without really knowing what’s going on in the daily practice of their (!) company.

This should change, and will change, now the Internet allows us to publish all the names of share holders in real time. It will be mandatory for all legal persons. You should be able to contact every share holder personally. Even when they invested only 100 euros. They are still responsible and they should know where they invest in.

This will imply that people of the world will held (private) share holders of corporations, (i.e. the owners) responsible, instead of those actually working in the organization, just being part of a system. The system will change!!! The result will be that we are able to organize the world in a total different way.

Crowd funding is not just a new internet application. It will really change the world. Our World. Our better world.

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