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Almost two years ago, I purchased the domain name ''. My intention was whilst keep focussing on the future, I could also serve professionals (either in teams or self-employed) preparing themselves for the future in many aspects: to regain their vitality, to feel (actually to become) younger, tap into their inner creativity they have lost many years ago, and guide them to use their inborn, natural drive to innovate! We have so much potential!!! My new brand 'Your Future Is Now!' doesn't just allow me to inspire organisations through speeches, it also helps me to empower teams with transition programs and to support individuals in their personal growth to create a better future!

Before I could introduce a brand new website based on the existing content, I first had to archive the previous one. Today, it's done! After almost two months of hard work, I have created a well-working archived version of and prepared the content for the future, making me ready for the future, ready for 'Your Future Is Now!'.

Brands recognizing emotions in passants

Brands can soon start to use technology to read emotions and moods of people passing by their shops or outlets in the street.

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

In the future, (retail) brands will continuously register and cluster every aspect of behavior and identity of anonymous passants. Have you been here before? Have you looked for more than 1 seconds in the window, where did you look at and how did you respond? Have you been interacting with the brand before? Do we have a history together? As long as you haven’t identified yourself, you’ll stay anonymous. Naturally, brands could technically exchange personal details with each other, with the government or social media, but privacy laws will stop that. Nevertheless, they can build profile (unless you press or says: don’t remember me, forget my ‘personal cookie’ ).

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