Van Massamerk naar Mensmerk

My book ‘Van Massamerk naar Mensmerk’ (From Mass Brand to Personal Brand, Dutch) describes how our media context will change over the coming ten years, how marketing and brands will adapt to this, and how today’s professionals can anticipate. Every day we work on making the world a better place, on a worldwide basis. Every day the future gets one small step closer. As we can take these small steps ourselves today, I closely follow the evolution of media, marketing and brands in the tab ‘day to day’ on this website, and give my forecasts for the future. This way small steps of others can inspire you and me.

The book is based on personal insights, lots of literature research among which many books reviewed on this website, and interviews with experts. After the publication on August 12, 2005 it received many positive reviews. Among others the preface, written by Dutch marketing gurus Giep Franzen and Rik Riezebos, received a lot of attention in the reviews.

Then in December 2005 the book was nominated for the Dutch Marketing Literature Award 2005. In 2006 the second print of the book was made, and in 2007 it was integrated in the NIMA loyalty program.

In the mean time I have been writing down thoughts about my new book, which I gave the work title ‘Pamper Planet’. In this book I will describe how the world changes until 2050, how our society changes, how political relationships will change, and how people will behave. It will have more Science Fiction content than the first book, but again I will put the long term changes into today’s perspective. After all, these changes will go step by step.

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