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Brand: Huizenzoeker

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Huizenzoeker shows costs per square meter

Using HuizenZoeker's (Dutch) housing market monitor, people looking for a house can keep track of actual figures and trends in the market. They can search by province, municipality, city or the type of house. The detailed page of the house has the median of the asking price and the average asking price per square meter in the municipality. For example, the average asking price per square meter in the Dutch municipality Bloemendaal is €5,188. A drop of 0.8% compared to last week.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Anything, absolutely anything in the physical world, will become transparent and mapped overseeably. Based on this information new companies, which enjoy the benefit of the doubt, will start to advise us individually. They earn from adding value to this information. This is a nice example in this direction.

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Huizenzoeker has them all

HuizenZoeker.nl, a new Dutch housing site, collects the offers from the various other housing sites (Funda, Huislijn, Dimo, Vbo, Era, Remax, Makelaarsland, LMV, Garantiemakelaars) and combines them into a complete overview. For more information on a house one is referred to the site where the house was found. If a house is available on multiple sites, the consumer can choose which site they want to look at then.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

At this time, the creation of coaching brands is still all about completeness in the category: give me a site which lists everything. Only those sites will survive, only those brands will survive. Then it’ll become an art to offer added value. That’s the basis on which home coaching brands can be created.

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