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Movies from now on available on iTunes and DVD

From now on, movies in America can be bought both as a direct download and on DVD. To start with, all the movies of the bigger companies (20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and the slightly smaller Lionsgate, Image Entertainment and First Look Studios) will be made available on iTunes.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

The media-evolution in this development is that the physical carriers are slowly disappearing and all the content ever made anywhere in the world is made instantly available. The brand-evolution is that iTunes will develop itself further as a home entertainment coaching brand, a brand that has all the content available for us, but above all it recognizes us, remembers our preferences and always knows how to entertain us.

Apple starts renting out movies

In the United States it will soon be possible to legally download movies via iTunes, and watch them on TV through Apple iTV. The company has signed the first contract with Fox (em, Dutch)

Very soon we will be able to browse through a trailer caroussel, and directly watch the trailers. Movies we have recently seen, of course are not shown in this caroussel. Besides, this initiative will especially lead to new content, offered at differing prices. Movies might cost as much as 20 euros. But then you have something very exclusive. And after that your own iTunes will also be available at every other screen or display, wherever in the world. And once it becomes really interactive, it will really kick off. Only then TV (and advertising on TV) will really have a problem. In the future home entertainment coaching brands will completely take over the traditional role of broadcasters: programming a night of entertainment. This future is getting very close though.

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