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McDonald’s launches gameworld

On, the children's gaming site of McDonald's, McDonald's has made an announcement about a new version of this site (the HTML title is after all Happy Meal 3.0). In this world children can meet each other, chat, watch videos, dress up their avatar, above all play lots of games.

In a contest children can suggest a name for this world and then vote on it. At the moment they can choose between ScaddImon (a mixture of McDonalds letters), McD Zone, McDonaldLandia, McIsland, McWorld (of which the last is winning and the .nl domain name is still free too.) There's also a link to the physical McDonalds: who enters a code from a Happy Meal box or bag, or other products, can gain exclusive items.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

This is how brands realize brand worlds’ that are furnished by consumers, their fans. Those brands are only made stronger by this.

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McDonald’s website is 3D

The website of McDonald's in Korea is 3D. That is, the home page is 3D. And of course as 3D as Second Life is, or as 3D as TV is. But it is a totally different look. When you come in, the tune 'I'm lovin it' is played. And the narrow casting screens contain video, which seems to be adapted to the site. Many elements react to mouse clicks which make the 3D perspective change. After that you get a 2D page with text about the product again (following this). This shows what websites will become: 3D worlds in which we will projected ourselves and in which we can invite our friends if we like. McDonald's is on the right track.

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Placing your McDonald’s order by phone

At McDonald's in Korea you can submit your order through your mobile phone. Sitting at your table, you can connect your phone to a RFID reader. With that, you aim your phone to the menu of your choice, and when your food is ready, you get a text message with the number of the pick-up window. You pay through your phone subscription (kt (Korea Times)). All artifacts in the physical world get a virtual layer around them. In the future we will be able to aim our mobile phones at license plates, people, shoes, animals, plants, restaurants, business cards, TV screens, lamps, air planes, anything you can think of. Everything will be recognized, and brands will be waiting to tell you anything about it. This example is part of that development.

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