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Brand: Samsung

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Samsung promotes telephones in YouTube videos

Samsung has asked consumers to make a home video containing a Samsung phone with the help of the site InstinctThePhone. Samsung will add the phone, you don't even have to own it. The first 1000 videos will receive $20, the winner $10.000.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Brands will more and more often come up with mechanisms to employ existing customers, or other people involved with the brand, to reach others. This is a nice example of it.

Samsung opens shop in Mobile Fashion Store

In its first Mobile Fashion Store in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, telecoms retailer The Phone House shows the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle and mobile phones. Samsung uses a special part of this shop to present its newest design phones (am, Dutch). Mobile IT becomes a commodity. Technology is not the most important factor any more for these products: in which way the product can add to personal identities is a more important question. The same development has taken place in making clothes: the first people scraping bear skin probably didn't worry about the looks of the bear skins, as they were just interested in their functionality. Much later, design started to come up. Similarly, brands making mobile electronics will evolute into fashion brands (which buy technology). This is a small step in that development.

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