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Brand: Telefoongids

(all brands) goes mobile

The (The Dutch white pages) has launched a new mobile website.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

The most important thing in this development is that the telephone number we see can also be called directly by clicking on it (like a Skype address in our browser). That means that we don’t need to see the numbers we’re looking up anything, we can just press a button ‘call’ and in a later (though not too much later) stage simply say ‘call’. That means that we switch in a dialogue with the word ‘call’ to a spoken dialogue (or from asynchronic, like visiting a website, to synchronic, like calling). Telephone numbers will disappear to the databases they belong in, next generations won’t even know the principle of a number and the white pages can grow out into a social coaching brand. This is a step.

Telefoongids introduces chat bot recently has started its beta version of its own chat bot, named Finnu. Who adds to his contact list in Windows Live Messenger (still consequently called by its old name, MSN Messenger) can search for companies, services and people in a typed dialogue, and call them in one click. Telefoongids is the first guidebook in the Netherlands working with a chat bot (tc, Dutch). Brands have more and more dialogues with their customers. Now through a typed dialogue on the computer, more and more often through Instant Messaging on the mobile phone, and after that we will be able to talk to Finnu. If Telefoongids becomes a social coaching brand we will say: "Finnu..." "Hi Erwin!"; "call John for me please"; and John will be called. No matter if John is on our contact list, or has to be found somewhere else: that doesn't matter to the consumer. As long as he gets called. This is a small step in that direction.

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