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Totaal TV with augmented reality

From 4 November onwards readers of Totaal TV (Dutch programming guide of Veronica Publishing) enrich their TV guide with 3D objects or videos. Readers hold their TV guide in front of the webcam of their own computer. On screen, the images turn into videos or become visible in 3D. Augmented Reality adds 3D-objects and videos to live images. Readers who hold up an article on Ilse DeLange will see the article reflected on the screen (like a mirror as it were). Something is added, however. In this image a picture from the article will turn into a video of the 'making of' of the new album 'Incredible'. TouchingMedia (Dutch) claims a world scoop with this innovation.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

This is how paper is given an added dimension. But not just paper, soon we can get an automatic demonstration with everything we see and which stands still. If a car passes and we take a picture? The car manufacturer ensures a fitting personalized animation. We see someone on the street? We’ll see all kinds of movies with this person in action. In live action (as reflection of the real past) or as animation. See an animal? We’ll be handed documentaries immediately. See a tool and we’re shown animations on how to use it. And if we still don’t get it, we ask. This is how brands and consumers can enter a dialogue with the product as subject. In this case, Totaal TV enters the dialogue regarding the magazine, but a third, namely Ilse DeLande, can easily mingle into the conversation. This is how the virtual world is starting to be a little more like the normal world. And with that it also becomes more understandable.

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Veronica TV Guide on iPhone

The Dutch television guide Veronica Magazine is now available for the iPhone.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Each brand will enter the dialogue with the consumer through each screen. Even magazines, like Veronica. Cell phones will in a relatively short time replace remote controls. That future is brought a step closer here. Soon we’ll see the missed broadcasts and magic them onto our television with a push on the button.

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