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Brand: Zoover

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Zoover in 13 language areas

Dutch vacation review site Zoover has spread over 13 language areas. Zoover is partnering with tour operators that can place the reviews on their own site and in return Zoover is allowed to approach the vacation goers to write a review afterwards. The strength of the internationalisation is in the judgement, the hard numbers people give. Those are useable internationally. The reviews themselves won't be translated.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

Coaching brands work worldwide with the greatest ease. They bring together ideas, thoughts, opinions, and can use them to advise the individual, help them along. That’s international per definition, not transcending border, international. Very slowly we’re letting go of thinking in countries to go over to a situation in which we view the 6,6 billion people living and working together on this earth as equals. Without borders, which we once created but slowly need less. But slowly, very slowly.

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Zoover extends reviews

Dutch website, a site with more than 300,000 vacation reviews, offers tour operators like D-Reizen the possibility to place facts, figures and reviews on their own website. Travel agencies can use the Zoover technology under their own label. Through this module they can for example send questionnaires through e-mail, to ask customers for their experiences after their vacation. The travel agencies this way can research general findings, but also has to ask their customers to leave a Zoover review when coming home (em, Dutch). This way the relationship between coaching brands and transaction brands slowly becomes clear. Zoover becomes the travel coaching brand, responsible for the contacts with the customer. And companies like tour operators, airlines and car rentals become transaction brands. Transaction brands which only through excellent achievements will survive in this landscape. This landscape in which the consumer dominates. This is very logical: after all, he is the one who pays. This is a step in that direction.

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