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Category: Erotic

The erotic coaching brand helps us enjoy sex. It gives answers to questions we don’t dare to ask other people. It reassures us on our own body, it helps us to experiment with different positions, and with what to wear. It will also assist us on the selection of brothels or massage saloons, anywhere in the world. The erotic coaching brand helps us enjoy one of our most primitive needs.

3D webcam girls

3d webcam girls

Fleshbot discovered that Jess of UndressJess just started recording her Camgirl videos in 3D, allowing her viewers to get the sense that she's actually sticking out of their monitors a slightly bit. Using a fancy little Minoru webcam, she's started recording some of her videos.

Playboy on the iPhone

Playboy has created a version of for the iPhone, iPlayboy contains, amongst other things, Playboy radio, videos, tips for going out and of course the Playboy photos. Have you always wanted to know the difference between a Bunny, a Playmate and a Centerfold? The website offers an ‘Ask Hef' function that will give you the answer to this and much more. The site was launched with the choosing of ‘Miss Mobile Playboy'.

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

Brands are moving to interactive communication via electronic media. First via the PC, now through your mobile, soon via the navigation system and eventually via TV and radio. Everything will become fully interactive. The power of the mobile in this is its direct link with payments, you are already recognised, you can already call. The mechanism that will ensure that certain content can be paid for via the mobile (which we will also use to view it). Sexually tinted contact is yet again the driving force for new technology. Playboy has taken a step in that direction.