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Information on conferences, seminars and fairs which I will contribute to, have contributed to before, or just find very interesting. Also reports of trainings or lectures I have given.

Speaking in Italy

Intoote LogoToday, I'll be speaking in Italy for a new chatbot company: Intoote during their launch campaign called Aks Me Please. It's a joint venture by Gruppo Pragma and Dialobot.

I always predicted this industry would have a huge future and therefore I'm very pleased to present to the press, potential clients and anyone interested in this new startup.

If you are in Rome, Milan or Triest.the coming days, please find a moment to drop by!

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The Rebranded Future in Karachi

On May 29th, I will facilitate a full day workshop on the future of branding for the Pakistan Advertising Society (PAS) in the Marriott Hotel, Karachi. The Rebranded Future

It will be quite exciting. During this session titled The Rebranded Future, we will really go in depth. I love that!

This is what we'll cover:

  • Brand dialogue and the rise of brand agents. Much more information is avaiable on my website dedicated to this topics,

  • The brand coming out: the process in which brands will considers themselves as communities covering users and producers, instead of a company vs a consumer

  • coaching brands: the strongest brands of the 21th, stronger than any other brands we've ever seen.

  • letting go of the past: this is actually vital. Without getting rid of our ideas of 'how to build a brand' (according to US gurus from the seventies) we will never be able to build strong futureproof brands

  • brand psychology: without a true understanding on how our brain, and the brains of future generations, will treat brands, we'll never be able to get an understanding on how future brands will look like.

We'll have a look at the new role of brands in future society.

And most important of all: how to create futureproof brands today?

Look forward to this session! If you have the opportunity to travel to Karachi, be there!

Quantum Transformation event with Amit Goswami

Workshop with Amit Goswami and Uma Krishnamurthy in the Netherlands

Amit GoswamiThere is a paradigm shift going on in science from a matter-based science to a new science based on the primacy of consciousness. In the first half of this workshop, quantum physicist Amit Goswami, a pioneer of the new paradigm, will introduce the idea of quantum consciousness and show how it integrates science and spirituality.

Goswami will also explicate how a new theory of evolution based on the primacy of consciousness resolves the difficulties of Darwinism and leads to the idea of planetary transformation as the next step of evolution.

In the afternoon, yoga psychologist Uma Krishnamurthy, a pioneer of the field, will introduce the basic concepts of yoga psychology as the psychology of transformation. In particular, she will discuss methods of transforming negative emotions into positive emotions. Uma’s presentation will be both intellectual and experiential.

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

Insights we obtain today seriously influence our future in 2050. Many things we now consider as impossible, will be possible in 40 years from now. In order to understand the future one should leave the world image of today. Cool. Be there if you dare.

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Robert Cialdini: fascination, inspiration and manipulation

Last month social psycologist Robert Cialdini, author of the brilliant book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (of which a milion copies have already been sold) gave an excellent presentation for the NIMA MDG (Marketing of services) at Dialogues house Amsterdam. He showed how you can use simple principles to spectacularly improve the results of of communication with customers, simply by applying factors of social psycology. He explained the six basic principles. Robert's talk was followed by Janine Himpers-Verhoeven, listening consultant at Altution. Here is my personal perspective on the priciples explained by Robert with additions from Janine.

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

It would be nice to see these principles included in dialogue. It’s the way our brains work and will keep working. Brands will play on this to convince people in a dialogue.