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New insights in astronomy, physics, and chemistry, as well as earlier insights from religion, history, or spirituality which now prove to be true, or for which relevant hypotheses are made. All insights apart from insights into life, as that is a separate category.

Private session with Ramana

Last spring Arjan Haring of Haring Institute of Happiness and I organised a private session with magician Ramana (Dutch). Together with twenty scientists, artists and smart people from businesses we were all over Ramana, all interested, on the edge of our seats, to understand what we were seeing. Were they magic tricks? Illusions? Or were these phenomena which we don't understand scientifically yet, but can use?

The fact that a few days earlier he'd won the tv-show De Nieuwe Uri Geller (The New Uri Geller, Dutch) made this session extra special. (Thankfully, we'd already booked him in December, which kept things affordable.)

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

To understand the world you have to be able to let go of what you’ve learned before. From the moment we arrive on earth, perhaps even sooner, we note certain observations that help us survive and we drop other things to the side. It goes so far that we can’t even experience many phenomena any more. We see them as impossible. Perhaps you can call this and illusion.

But also other things which we don’t view as a part of our daily lives, that aren’t normal, call it paranormal, belong to this way of thinking. From my own experiences I know children who arrive on the earth paranormal, make unexplainable predicts and with whom, years later, the parents say they’re ‘thankfully doing a lot better’. Which means they’ve stopped showing the paranormal behaviour, or show it less. Thankfully, because it was almost impossible to handle and it made the child unhappy. That illustrates exactly what I mean. And that’s what I’m looking for. Always looking for. Because the intrinsic human being, the naked-born human being, shows far more how the future could develop than watching and researching the world citizens of today.

Inspiring! Thank you, Ramana!

Futhermore, Ramana will soon host a session with a company of traditional Indian jagudars (street magicians) and an Indian fakir/mentalist. The performances take place in in the Tropentheater (Dutch) in Amsterdam on Saturday 22nd of November and Monday the 24th at 20.30 and on 23 November in the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp at 15.00. I’m going to watch again.

A scientific approach to prayer

In this video of the American Marishi University of Management scientists are explaining the evidence for the effect of prayers. David Lynch, Maharishi University Trustee, and quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, professor of Physics, explain from the Vedic science that, if people come into sync with one another and are literally on the same wavelength, it has an exponential effect on the behavior of other people. It's so strong it can even prevent terrorism.

Future vision by Erwin van Lun

It’s the scientific approach for the ancient prayer. What would happen if we called people to focus on peace at the same moment through the virtual world? What would happen to individual ambition? What would happen if we built a world in which everything is automated and a new generation for whom such thoughts are the most normal thing in the world has risen? Then everything could suddenly look completely different. It’s the time of the pamper planet. (Dutch)

Difference between matter and waves

In this movie, Dr Quantum explains the difference between matter and waves. We all know that there's a connection between mass and waves through Einstein's famous formula. (E = mc2; energy = mass times the speed of light (3,00 x 100.000.000 meter per second) squared, and that mass and energy are directly related. That means simply that every element in the universe, every planet, every piece of life, every plant, every animal, and so also mankind exists solely out of energy. Einstein already showed that mass is a slowed form of energy, like a traffic jam on a high way.

If energy in its turn exists exclusively out of waves, we deal with a permanent change. With as a consequence that our human body is far from static, but the result of a group of waves that chances constantly and is entwined for 80 years like a coil of many strands of ropes. Strands that come out of our body and continuously make invisible contact with others. Then the waves unbraid, carry on and a human disappears like there never was anything at all.

2D versus 3D

In this movie ('Flatland') Dr Quantum explains how viewing the world in 3D could limit us severely. How can we keep in contact with one another without being near? And then I'm not talking about the virtual world. The insights from the quantum world are ensuring the next revolution after today's media revolutions and after the humanoid revolution in a few decades. Nice movie!

Related trends

Insignificance of the earth

With all our consciousness, intelligence, emotional intelligence, even spiritual intelligence, humanity has forever left the animal kingdom. We control our own future. So we have to do something about global warming. After all, we're responsible!

But maybe you should see the earth as a big ball of energy and people as microscopic flames that light up for a moment and then die (be born and die). And that all those small flames heat up other energy sources. Like stars that shoot their sparks everywhere. Often without any influence, but sometimes a single spark can start a huge fire. And maybe there are so many flames (up to 9 billion people) created because the earth is heating up (there are already more flames) instead of the other way around. Not through better health care, more safety or better food. That's our rationalization of the whole.

Maybe it's wired differently from ho we believe. Than we hope perhaps. If we look at it from energy, from the size of the universe, we see the insignificance of the earth, and the insignificance of human beings. Below the grandness of the earth in a shitty perspective.