Your Planet Sustainable?Your Tribe Harmonious?Your Life Vibrant?
Future Proof Ideas since 2005, by Erwin van Lun


Erwin is a Dutch futurist, CEO of and professional speaker. His book ‘Van Massamerk naar Mensmerk’, about the future of media, marketing & brands, was nominated for the Dutch Marketing Literature Awards in 2005 and that appeared to be the start of his international speaking career. Erwin has spoken in seven countries in 4 continents.

One of his long-term predictions was the rise of chatbots: humanlike characters with superior artificial intelligence representing and acting on behalf of commercial brands, NGO’s and governmental organizations. As a total believer, he founded as a platform for the international community with an interest in the developments in this area, in 2008. As he couldn’t make a living out of it, he had to leave his focus on the area in 2011.

Between 2012 and 2016 he specialized in the ability of humans (and any other species) to recover themselves from any disease and become 100 without hurdles. He actually started to write a book on the topic until the chatbot hype of 2016 acted as a Wake Up Call, as some oxygen and wood for his inner Chatbot Flame.

Now you’ll find him on stage again and he is even working on the next release of Erwin has a background in artificial intelligence (Delft University of Technology, MSc. in Electrical Engineering, thesis on AI 1993) and branding (Master of Brand Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2005).