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Excited staff shows new iPhone 5s en iPhone 5c Amsterdam Apple Store

Excited staff shows new iPhone 5s en iPhone 5c Amsterdam Apple Store. This is theater!! Personally, I love it. But many Dutchies perceive this as overdone, to much, to American, not Dutch. Dutch love 'doing normal'. I love: 'live life to the max'. Thanks Apple for energizing my day!

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

Over time, cultures are about to integrate. We are all human beings, and cultures are a product of their natural environment. Cultures with lots of predators are different from cultures living near the sea, different from cultures very high of the mountains. However, the virtual world is everywhere. This technology makes people aware that we are all humans. Lots of our behaviour is programmed during our youth. Interestingly, the more we are aware of the differences while approaching these differences without fear, the more likely that we are prepared to let go of our past and search for what we have in common: the biology of the newborn child we all still carry. That is a good foundation for building future society, worldwide.

In 2013 we are living in a era were we still feel a bit uncomfortable with other cultures, even subtle differences between western cultures. Over time, with even stronger social media available across the world, and youth visiting every country, cultures will slowly (very slowly) integrate.

I love this example of how cultures merge!!!! Just a thought for your life: The more open you are to other cultures, the more you can enjoy them, and the more you can enjoy life! You’re only here once. It is not a rehearsal. Get everything out of it!

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