Facebook Graph Search Will Change Consumer Buying Behavior Forever

Facebook has recently totally redesigned their search function called Graph Search. Search becomes social!

Instead of 'trail running' you'll find yourself searching for 'my friends for like trail running', friends who like 'road trips', 'friends who like dancing', 'bands my friends listen to', 'friends who work at my company and like to ski', 'national parks my friends have visited', 'photos of my friends before 1995',

Running in beta now, but this will drastically change consumer buying behavior just with a few simple next steps.

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

It’s just a next step in the media evolution. Soon Facebook Graph search will be available andbe voice activated, like Apple Siri and Google Now. And the effect will even be stronger when coaching brands start to connect with Facebook allowing for sharing even more details about consumers interactions with brands.

What about:

  • Cable providers my friends like?
  • Insurances my friends have?
  • Banks liked by my friends?
  • Supermarkets liked by my friends?
  • Restaurants nearby my friends like?
  • Airlines preferred by my friends ?
  • What is the rating of my friends of this sports shoes?
  • Cars my friends like
  • Sunglass brands my friends like
  • Best holiday hotel in Ibiza according to my friends?

Facebook Graph Search is of the most important innovation since the introduction of the Internet. This will change buying behavior of consumers forever.

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