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Free energy will soon change the world forever!

Professional video on free energy: energy that is tapped directly from the air, with contributors from MIT, Princeton University and NASA.

The video demonstrates free energy and floatation of objects (free energy).

Since mankind, cultures all over the world have clearly understood that there is more than just a physical world. EInstein even helped our thinking and converted the physical word of mass to the energy world by his equation E=MC^2. However, western society has continued to believe in the physical approach and neglecting the opportunities of the energy world behind it.

Since 1901, since Tesla’s invention, scientist have been working on inventions to tap energy from the field. All their lives suddenly ended… Without any significant media attention..

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

As soon as western society starts to believe this is real stuff, the #transition of our world will accelerate. Imagine the day where everyone on earth has access to free energy? All developing countries could lighten houses at night allowing them to read books and learn. Using the energy to travel, to meet other cultures, learn new languages.

And what water, one of the main problems on earth. We obviously have enough water on our planet. The main problem with extract drinkable water from salt water. Did you know the main problem is that is takes to much energy?

How would life look like with enough energy, enough water and enough food?

Wouldn’t it be much more peaceful? Wouldn’t is be more beautiful?

So where are we waiting for?

We are all stuck in our believe system saying that this technology is not possible, and our believe system is supported by huge traditional industries with millions of employees who fear their jobs when these technologies would make it to mass production.

What are we gonna do? Wait until the next generation? Or participate in the largest crowd funding project ever? I believe that will be the next step.

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