75% Mini-owners part of a community

75% of the owners of a Mini living in the US are members of a Mini-community. Not only do most members of the community stay loyal to the brand and buy another Mini, but it’s claimed that about half of all sales leads are actually generated by the site.

Future Vision by Erwin Van Lun on this article

Brands are increasingly becoming an open network of people where the division between employee and consumer will fade entirely. This is a nice example. Currently 75% is a member of the community, later you’ll standardly be a member when you buy a Mini (new or second-hand) and you determine your activity level. Then you can save customers’ individual transactions and, if wanted, show them, so that you get ‘my Minis’. You can add a picture to it and it’ll be a whole party. Brands with a symbolic function can do this kind of thing, and successfully so it seems.

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