Your Planet Sustainable?Your Tribe Harmonious?Your Life Vibrant?
Future Proof Ideas since 2005, by Erwin van Lun

Future of 2050 and beyond

In the coming years we’ll see a strong confrontation between ‘old system’ thinkers (especially older people) and ‘new system’ thinkers. The last group is characterized by global and long term thinking and have organized themselves independent of nations. After what I usually refer to as ‘The Great Correction’, we’ll be creating a new ‘ideal’ world, a perfect blend between technology and nature where humans and other animals living in perfect harmony with our planet. Who is looking closely will notice that most building blocks are already developing today.

*** Technology ***

  • Artificial technology has taken over all the white-collar work, no exceptions, making decisions on our behalf, especially long trend, global decisions
  • Immens, human sized and nano-robots fly, drive, walk, digg, crawl doing the labour work
  • 3D printing allows use to create, to recreate and minuscule to huge unique objects
  • The internet has been replaced by a robust version. Everyone on the planet has high security, highly stable and superfast access for any possible consumer need.
  • Privacy has gone, you’ll be identified by your exact location on earth, confirmed by numerous identified systems.
  • Underground tubes have replaced all cars, trucks & public transport. Endless number of superfast underground vehicles. Gas-powered and man-operatored oldtimers are for hobby on special circuits.
  • We’ll only use sustainable and home-produced energy: solar

*** Our Planet, Our Environment ***

  • Healthy, fresh & raw food for everyone, shipped in minutes from any place on earth. Fastfood as we know it, has disappeared. A team of robot chefs produces the most delicious fresh meals in minutes
  • Clean and fresh water straight from a natural source. Sea water is desalinated and distributed to every corner of each continent through a underground network
  • Natural resources are optimal used
  • We hardly eat meat.
  • The number of plants and animals, drastically decreased in number in the years before, is stabilised and finds it balance again
  • There is a remaining pollution in the soil and seas, especially plastic, left as a present by previous generations

**** Population ****

  • The number of people has dramatically decreased and will decrease further.
  • Quantum biology has integrated with modern, eastern and ancient medicine, treating people not only holistically but also as part of their environment.
  • Through several developments in rejuvenation people all reach the age between 100 and 200
  • Although illnesses still exists, 99.99% of the population reaches the age of 100 without any medicine.Early symptoms are regarded as disbalance and treated as such.
  • Any illness in our DNA is corrected in all our cells
  • People feel themselves when to end their life
  • We have agreed globally to reduce the number of babies, with the aim of lowering the blueprint of humans on earth. Ethics on this to be decided by AI (as humans will never agree on this).

**** Society ****

  • Wealth has spread amongst all people on earth
  • We have created dynamic communities of around 150 people.
  • Families spends most of their time together
  • Re-urbanisation: people to to migrate to warmer countries, with more surrounding nature. Big building in cities are being demolished making space for parks, for creativity and market squares.
  • Cultural education is done by the computer assisted community and knowledge is actually only spread through computers
  • Reading & writing is for hobby & history
  • Virtual humans and humanoid robots will appear the most empathic and patient teachers, available 24 hours a day.
  • Number of active languages on earth is reducing, and remains to decline, yet we speak more languages, at least English. Eventually, between 2100 and 2200 all languages will merge. You can always learn and practice the ancient languages with virtual humans, for a hobby.
  • We travel more to discover other places on earth and to catchup with a global friends who are travelling as well
  • Democracy as we know it (characterized by parliaments, elected people making decisions for a few years) have totally disappeared and made place for a flexible decision system allowing anyone to participate without giving anyone the power to decide (that is what the AI will be doing).
  • Countries are gradually becoming names of regions on the planet, not as a an area controlled by a group of people
  • Money regains its original function: as a currency exchange of goods. Only one global currency remains.
  • Scientific research is funded by the crowd for the benefit of all
  • Cultural values integrate, forming one global culture
  • Criminals are no longer put in jail or punished in another way, criminality figures approach zero.
  • Religions re-invent themselves by returning to their core. It will appear that the core of religion is comparable and universal.
  • Man rediscover their masculinity; women their femininity
  • Any blueprint people or groups of family (previously referred to as ‘company’)  is continuously checked and you are being held personally responsible.

*** Happiness***

  • We are often in nature, in the bush, near the sea, on the water
  • We play sports every day with humans and robot buddies
  • We master at least 2 music instruments, play many more
  • We sing, dance and laugh the whole day
  • We have a lot of physical contact, a massage every day
  • We are healthier than ever
  • We are happier than ever
  • We live without stress

We look back on a very strange beginning of the century