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2050-2100: Pamper planet

What will we do in a world in which there is prosperity for all the people on earth, in a world in which fights and war are a thing from the past, in a world in which you express your aggression solely in virtual worlds, in a world in which all work, even complex abstract work, has been taken over by robots and computers? What’ll we do then?

Welcome to the world of Pamper Planet. The world of your carefree youth. The world in which we get up when we want. The world in which our food is prepared for us, our clothes are washed, where all we have to do is sit in a car and anticipate where we’re going next. A world in which we can explore all day long, in which we can play all day long, where we can be creative all day long, with others or ourselves and our emotions can have free reign. A world in which each individual on earth will be challenged and stimulated on their own level. A world in which robots are valuable assistants in a child’s upbringing and have taken over all standard tasks. Think of changing diapers, dressing the kids or making sandwiches. On Pamper Planet only quality time exists.

In this world we’ll discover a dimension we’ve forgotten completely: the spiritual dimension. The dimension all people on earth share, but where only humans still close to nature are still in contact with. The dimension that now falls under ‘there’s more between heaven and earth’, ‘I believe, but I don’t know in what’ or ‘the subconscious’. The dimension in which we solve such things as telekinesis, the paranormal, biorhythms, clairvoyance and the unexplainable skills of idiot savants. And it’s also the dimension of quantum mechanics and relativity. And not just on scientific level, where we create insight in life and the universe, but we’ll all delve into it, all experiment with it personally. After all, we won’t have anything else to do.

Latest observations for 2050-2100: Pamper planet

Latest observations for 2050-2100: Pamper planet (in Dutch)