Workshops and coaching

Workshops can offer a great way to move forward!!! Really ...  They create a great opportunity to build teams, and help to move everyone in the same direction, with the same energy, using the same terminology. Yes, they can really help your business and they are great fun too!

However, over the past years, I have experienced with both my clients and in my personal life, that real innovation comes from true creativity, and that true creativity off springs from allowing yourself to connect to your inner core, by allowing your inner child to express itself. And that will reveal so much more of YOU!

Therefore, I’ve recently added coaching and mentoring to my portfolio. These individual sessions are perfectly suited for marketeers, CEO’s and entrepreneurs, who want to transcend to higher growth in both their professional as well as private lives. These sessions can still be combined with workshops for teams or speeches for large audiences. 

To discuss your options, please contact me at +31 621 567 657 (GMT +1), or e-mail me through the form on this website.

Clients about Erwins workshops:

William Kuijpers

CRM consultant(Achmea)

It was an excellent workshop, organised in a creative way. My colleagues were very enthousiastic.

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